Carpet Cleaning in Richmond London

We will clean your carpets using cleaning machines with non-toxic and risk free cleaning materials which will remove embedded dirt and extract the filth leaving your carpet clean and free of germs. Carpets cleaned through this method will not change appearance or colour but will look like new and smell fresh.

We treat different carpets using the appropriate cleaning. First we perform a preliminary preparation, which includes vacuuming of the larger particles and then with the help of a spray-extractor, a shampooing of the carpet flooring is carried out. A brief period of time is necessary to allow for the chemical activation of the detergent and then the extraction is carried out using water under pressure which is then injected and vacuumed. This process results in the deep cleaning of the carpet flooring with removal of all kind of stains.

Please call 020 3662 9822 before the 50 % off End.

Carpet Cleaning Richmond London